Looking Forward: Real Estate Trends in 2023 – February 14th

By Andrea Young on December 2, 2022

We are excited to have Donna Marcantonio leading our February 14th  Empower Women Event, Looking Forward: Real Estate Trends in 2023. Housing is a key to creating and sustaining thriving communities. Donna will look at five emerging trends that we expect for 2023 and beyond. She will discuss issues around low inventory and how that impacts housing affordability, how market fundamentals are “normalizing” as some markets weaken due to diminishing pandemic tailwinds, and the potential for a cyclical economic downturn. She will also look at how the pandemic forced structural shifts in how and where we live, work, and recreate in ways that seem destined to endure. 

As baby boomers enter their retirement, senior living communities reflect wider trends in the multifamily industry. Donna will talk about the 55+ living community and what’s new and changing in the senior housing market.

Donna Marcantonio, a real estate agent with The Petrowsky Jones Group, represents buyers and sellers from all walks of life and is equally experienced working with developers on ground-up construction and managing luxury rentals in the commercial real estate realm. 

Fascinated by urban planning, she is perpetually curious about how urban plans contribute to the quality of life for members within the community. A creative visionary who thrives on finding innovative solutions, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more dynamic realtor. Ultimately, Donna knows that buying or selling a home is a transformative experience and she is renowned for being exceedingly thoughtful in her approach.

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