Live Big Without Sacrifice

By Andrea Young on March 2, 2022

We are so thankful to Rochelle Seltzer for leading our May 10th Empower Women series, Live Big Without Sacrifice. In the discussion, Rochelle talked about what it means to live big and how you can bring all of your greatness into the world and live a truly fulfilling life. She discussed ways you can live big without stress, as you honor your desires and purpose. During this event, Rochelle also talked about the importance of self-care, focus, and a calm mind to nurture your well-being.

Rochelle Seltzer is a Creative Core Coach and the author of the highly acclaimed book, Live Big: A Manifesto for a Creative Life. Her mission is to unleash the untapped creative capacity inside people everywhere, so they bring all of their greatness into the world. She supports accomplished women who are ready to step into their power and move past what keeps them blocked, stuck and small — to create bold visions for their lives and careers, and truly live big.

We hope you enjoy the takeaways and podcast interview from this event.

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