College Planning for Students with Learning Differences

By Andrea Young on November 30, 2022

We’d like to thank Francesca Korbas, Esq., C.O.O., and Jennifer Gallagher, M.A., Director of College Consulting, from Vested Academics, for leading our March 14th Empower Women Event,  College Planning for Students with Learning Differences. Francesca and Jennifer explained how families of students with learning disabilities can locate the right college fit, decrease application stress, and secure accommodations at their new school. They also discussed what colleges aren’t telling you, why it’s critical to start planning early and share student success stories. 

Francesca Korbas, Esq.
Chief Operations Officer, Vested Academics

Special Education Law
IEP & 504 Plans
Mediation & Negotiation
Advocacy Education

Francesca Korbas, Esq. is the Chief Operations Officer and a partner at Vested Academics. With over twenty years of combined experience working in special education law, civil rights, and child advocacy, Francesca has helped children get the accommodations and support they need to be successful students.

Jennifer Gallagher, M.A.
Director of College Consulting

Admissions Consulting
College Searches
Application Strategies
High School Guidance

With more than twenty years of experience in college admissions, Jennifer Gallagher offers her clients expert advice in all aspects of college admissions, early college planning, and application processes. A member of the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA), Jennifer is devoted to keeping up to date with current college admissions trends and providing her clients with the very best guidance.

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